This year for art we have to do a piece about colonialism. I decided to take a different approach to this project and illustrate someone else’s opinions on colonialism. This piece is based off the book “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy which I studied last year. In the book one of the…

Folded Hands

  This piece is part of my homage to artist Kristina Alisauskaite. Her artwork is typically minimalist style and usually focuses on a singular subject. She has several paintings of hands so I decided to take this concept and create my own version. I did this using copic markers. My other minimalist-style pieces were done…


This is my 3D piece. I based the idea on something similar I saw online where someone (I don’t remember whom) incorporated a colourful stone into their wire art. Since they are quite small I made three of them and made them each in a different pose. I got the rocks from my old rock…


This is my third installment in my homage/concentration. Since the artist, Kristina Alisauskaite, has painted wigs, I decided to do my own take on this.  

Minimalist Faces

This is part of my homage/concentration that I am doing based on the work of Kristina Alisauskaite. These are mostly watercolour, but I attempted using gouache for parts of the middle one but didn’t like the effect it gave me. I went for a black and white look with an accent colour.

Random Pieces

I made the first of these in the summer and decided to make another two to go with it. This is using copics and pen.   This is an aesthetic flower square thing I made in the summer using pen. This is another piece I did in the summer. I wanted this to be cartoon-like…

More Random Pieces

This is a watercolour I did, using pen to outline/add form. I did this piece using copics this Christmas as I was watching a movie.


The second of my three scenery pictures I did in gouache. The first one can be found here. (The second one I’m in progress). It’s smaller than the other two and took only about 2 classes to complete.

New Sketchbook Pages

Over Christmas break I did some sketches. These are a few of the ones I did in pencil.

DIY Christmas Gifts

This year I decided to DIY some Christmas gifts using glass paint. This is the result.

Swing Collage 1

This is the first of a series of collages I started in the summer. I was planning on having 3. This is the first complete one. I finished it in the summer but it seemed to plain so last week I splattered white paint in the background and it made it seem complete. In this…

Stranger Things Sketch

I finished my Stranger Things sketch. I have been updating my process in some of my previous blog posts. If you haven’t seen them check out my last of these posts, In Process 3.