Collage Part 2

I’ve finished my post-secret inspired collage. Since last post I added the rest of the clocks on the body, used gloss medium and black paint over the body, and added the text. When I first finished adding the clocks I was not happy with how it turned out so I used the black paint to tie the images together but that turned out pretty streaky. I decided there was nothing I could really do so I went ahead and added the text and I think that really helped add more value and draw attention away from the body. 

This piece was inspired by other post secrets I saw that were about people’s fears. I decided to choose a reoccurring nightmare as inspiration for my project. I used the galaxy/star print in the back to represent night and the fact it is a dream. I used the clocks to construct a figure to show the significance of time.

Overall, I’m happy with how this turned out.


Collage Part 1

FullSizeRender (7)

We have started a post-secrets inspired collage project. This collage is incomplete as of right now but it is due in six days so I will be posting the completed version soon. The “secret” behind my collage is the fact that I have nightmare in which I am late. As part of the design we must include our secret in text and have an image that portrays the secret as well. The girl is going to be made up of clocks and the galaxy background represents night.

Collage Surrealism Project

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This was a project I had to do a few weeks ago in class. The goal of the project was to create a surrealist collage that reflected on the work of the main artists in the surrealist movement. I was influenced by Magritte and went with a stream of consciousness piece. Basically I found tons of potential pictures that I liked in books we could cut up and if they were suited to my piece I used them. I felt as if this piece was very successful and I’m pretty proud of it.