Copic-Liza Nugumanova


I did this copic over a couple of days. I didn’t sketch it out in pencil much before like I normally do for copics but instead I used a light grey copic marker to draw outlines and added colour after that. I used a black copic marker to do outlines instead of a fine liner and I think I like this effect better since it’s easier to make it more natural and less smudgy. I’m really proud of how this turned out, especially how I got the ombré effect of the dress and the face and skin tones as well.


Figure Skating Series: Liza Nugumanova and her Brother


This is my newest sketch on my figure skating series and it also took the longest (about 2 months of procrastination while I drew tiny pieces every week or so). I had difficulties drawing the hands like I have had in the past so I will try to work on this. My favourite part is the top half of the girls vest and her face which is also the part I drew in detail first. I think this drawing was very successful and I’m happy with the result.

Figure Skating Series: Liza Nugumanova


This is the first painting I have done in my figure skating series. I was surprised how much I enjoyed working with acrylic because I usually hate it and I plan to do more acrylic in the future.

This is my sketchbook cover so the goal of this was to use the black of the cover while incorporating the theme of our creative process. I chose to do a figure skater because it represents me since I am a figure skater (and this one of the main ways I express myself) and also figure skaters are one of my main subjects that I draw. I used the black through having it show through the white in the background and the pants which are black. (I may do a back cover later but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet).

I’m very pleased with how this turned out because normally I hate acrylic but I think since this was such a small scale I could use my normal tiny details without having to spend forever on it.


Figure Skating Series: Kaitlyn & Andrew

imageThis took me about a month of re drawing and procrastinating to finish. I’m pleased with the results because it was so difficult that I had very low expectations for it. Excuse the low quality picture though… I really wanted to draw Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje because they are such good ice dancers so I found this picture on Instagram to draw. I should be posting more soon!

Figure Skating Series: Evgenia Medvedeva 2


As you may be able to tell Evgenia is currently my favourite skater. Coincidentally, both drawings I have done of her are my favourite in this series as well. I really can’t decide which one I like more… Stay tuned for my next sketch in the series (if I ever finish it) Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje! (I chose THE WORST picture to draw of them. I never want to draw someone’s face on that angle again). Also I have some paintings coming up (if I ever finish those either). One is an acrylic that I started way back before spring break and the other I started last week…or maybe it was two weeks ago now?… I have a lot of work to do.

Figure Skating Series: Anna Pogorilaya

imageOnce again I chose to draw another amazing female Russian skater (there seem to be a lot of those). I was inspired to draw this by Anna’s amazing skate at worlds this year. I had a very difficult time drawing her hands cause what are they even doing in this picture? I had a very difficult time trying to figure it out…I don’t like her other hand either though and that was supposed to be the easier one…

Figure Skating Series: Evgenia Medvedeva 1

imageThis is the fourth sketch of my figure skating series (and one of my favourites). I didn’t like the second and third sketches enough to post. I love drawing skaters so much because it really pushes me out of my comfort zone (as you will see with the sketch I am working on right now). However, for me, this sketch was a bit easier than most because the skater in this was not on a strange angle. I had a lot of fun drawing her dress and getting tiny little details into it.

Figure Skating Series: Yulia Lipnitskaya


Recently I have been working on a series of sketches. All these sketches are of figure skaters that I admire (being a figure skater myself). In my opinion, I have seen lots of improvement since my first few sketches and I am very pleased with how they are turning out now. The above sketch is my very first one that I did a few months back. For this sketch my goal was to create an expressionist piece.