Art Trip Sketch

Just a quick sketch I did for our pleine air assignment on our art class’s trip to Granville Island. It was pouring rain so I had to draw something indoors so I chose to draw a woman sitting at one of the tables ¬†below.


2-3 Minute Life Figure Drawings

We had a live model and a guest teacher come into class today for figure drawing and she did some 2 minute poses for us and one 3 minute pose (the bottom right drawing which looks darker than the rest). I struggled with doing these because I haven’t drawn in so long and have only drawn from a live model once before. The focus was to get the shape/feeling conveyed of each pose the model did by using basic form and shapes. One area I struggled with was not making it too big initially so many of the proportions got distorted because I had no room. I think by the end I improved (these aren’t in any particular order on here) but I think this is something I could further work on.