New Sketchbook Pages

Over Christmas break I did some sketches. These are a few of the ones I did in pencil.

Stranger Things Sketch

I finished my Stranger Things sketch. I have been updating my process in some of my previous blog posts. If you haven’t seen them check out my last of these posts, In Process 3.

In Process 3

This is a continuation of my previous 2 posts, In Process and What I’m Working On. I’ve finished my portrait that was part of this series series and that post will be coming soon but I’ve got an update of it before that happens. This the background after a few layers of different greens and colours I…

In Process 2

This is a continuation of my What I’m Working On post. This is everything I’ve done in the past day since the last post. This one I’m very close to finishing but I think I’m going to add a background to make it look more complete. This second piece I’ve decided to keep as a sketch….

Anatomy: Arm

This is the latest installment in my series of anatomy drawings. I did this one in charcoal which is a medium I don’t use often (I think the last time I used charcoal it was for my series of skaters). I was very hesitant to use this medium but I think it turned out surprisingly…

Sketchbook Pages: Anatomy: Bones

This is the first of my anatomy drawings. I did this one in pencil. I haven’t used pencil in a while and I’ve never drawn bones before so it was fun experimenting.

Art Trip Sketch

Just a quick sketch I did for our pleine air assignment on our art class’s trip to Granville Island. It was pouring rain so I had to draw something indoors so I chose to draw a woman sitting at one of the tables  below.

2-3 Minute Life Figure Drawings

We had a live model and a guest teacher come into class today for figure drawing and she did some 2 minute poses for us and one 3 minute pose (the bottom right drawing which looks darker than the rest). I struggled with doing these because I haven’t drawn in so long and have only…

Baby Sketch

This is a sketch I started back in September and forgot about until I started to work on it again yesterday. I had a lot of fun drawing this and trying different drawing techniques. I think it turned out successfully except I think the part I did back in September (the face and hand) is…

Sketches of Destiny

These are some sketches I did of my cousin. The first one I spent a while on and I decided to simplify the hands quite a bit. The second sketch was a quick one I did, with limited supplies to use, that I left partially unfinished (once again the hands). I just don’t like drawing…