This is the latest installment in my series of anatomy drawings. I did this one in charcoal which is a medium I don’t use often (I think the last time I used charcoal it was for my series of skaters). I was very hesitant to use this medium but I think it turned out surprisingly successful.


2-3 Minute Life Figure Drawings

We had a live model and a guest teacher come into class today for figure drawing and she did some 2 minute poses for us and one 3 minute pose (the bottom right drawing which looks darker than the rest). I struggled with doing these because I haven’t drawn in so long and have only drawn from a live model once before. The focus was to get the shape/feeling conveyed of each pose the model did by using basic form and shapes. One area I struggled with was not making it too big initially so many of the proportions got distorted because I had no room. I think by the end I improved (these aren’t in any particular order on here) but I think this is something I could further work on.

Sketches of Destiny

These are some sketches I did of my cousin. The first one I spent a while on and I decided to simplify the hands quite a bit. The second sketch was a quick one I did, with limited supplies to use, that I left partially unfinished (once again the hands). I just don’t like drawing hands much… My favourite parts about these are the torso on the first one and the face/head/hair/eyes of the second one and I feel as if I captured her expression very well.