I started this concentration as an extension of my homage to the artist Kristina Alisauskaite. Click here to see her work. I admired her minimalist style and wanted to replicate it. The first pieces I did were my three faces. She does a lot of portraiture, and since I had also been doing a lot of portraiture at that time, I figured it would be a good place to start. I stuck to a mostly black and white colour scheme and tried really hard to force myself to simplify everything. I decided after this piece I needed to get more into her mind so I decided to expand one of her paintings I admired into a series of three miniature paintings and those became my three wigs.  However, as I continued my concentration I began to struggle with the confinement I had created for myself, namely when I was painting my egg shells. I ended up putting away my unfinished painting for several months and never looking at it. During this time I drew my hands, which although has the layout and colour scheme of a minimalist piece, was more of my own style. After that I started my roses which were colourful, yet I incorporated some of the elements of minimalism I had learned. I started looking at the bigger picture instead of every tiny detail. Eventually I went back to my eggs and almost completely restarted them but this time I had found my rhythm of my process of painting. My last piece of my concentration was my skate. Like my eggs, my roses, and my hands I wanted to draw a simple thing that had a deeper significance to me so I decided to draw my left skate. This time I did not confine myself to a simple colour scheme. Any colour I saw reflected in the blade I didn’t hesitate to add into the piece. I was able to find my own loose take on minimalism by doing this concentration and it helped me to develop and grow as an artist.