Collage Part 2

I’ve finished my post-secret inspired collage. Since last post I added the rest of the clocks on the body, used gloss medium and black paint over the body, and added the text. When I first finished adding the clocks I was not happy with how it turned out so I used the black paint to tie the images together but that turned out pretty streaky. I decided there was nothing I could really do so I went ahead and added the text and I think that really helped add more value and draw attention away from the body. 

This piece was inspired by other post secrets I saw that were about people’s fears. I decided to choose a reoccurring nightmare as inspiration for my project. I used the galaxy/star print in the back to represent night and the fact it is a dream. I used the clocks to construct a figure to show the significance of time.

Overall, I’m happy with how this turned out.

Collage Part 1

FullSizeRender (7)

We have started a post-secrets inspired collage project. This collage is incomplete as of right now but it is due in six days so I will be posting the completed version soon. The “secret” behind my collage is the fact that I have nightmare in which I am late. As part of the design we must include our secret in text and have an image that portrays the secret as well. The girl is going to be made up of clocks and the galaxy background represents night.

Printmaking Project Part 1

Currently I am working on a printmaking project as well as a collage. For this project I took the original image of the dog looking out the gate, did a rough sketch to plan out my design, sketched it again on the linoleum piece and started to carve out (its unfinished currently). Carving so far has been very difficult and time consuming but I’m excited to be finished so I can start the actual printmaking processes.

Clay Part 5

My cat has been glazed and installed in the school. I really love the glaze. Although it’s not what I expected, its not too loud or too plain (in my opinion) and worked well with the structure of my cat. Having the darker colour as the base coat really helped because it got in all the contours and helps the eyes and other features stand out.

My artist statement, which was written from the point of view of the cat, is as follows:

Title: Biscuit the Bio Room Cat
By: Sophie

Hello! I am the latest addition to the bio room, Biscuit the bio room cat. You can find me sitting besides the fish tank, watching them swim around. If you see me in the bio room, come and say hi. I love meeting new people who share my love of fish.

2-3 Minute Life Figure Drawings

We had a live model and a guest teacher come into class today for figure drawing and she did some 2 minute poses for us and one 3 minute pose (the bottom right drawing which looks darker than the rest). I struggled with doing these because I haven’t drawn in so long and have only drawn from a live model once before. The focus was to get the shape/feeling conveyed of each pose the model did by using basic form and shapes. One area I struggled with was not making it too big initially so many of the proportions got distorted because I had no room. I think by the end I improved (these aren’t in any particular order on here) but I think this is something I could further work on.

Clay Part 4

The mouse came out of the kiln and did not have the desired effect I wanted. I hoped it would be pink and it turned out grey despite using 2 coats of pink and 1 coat grey. I was pretty disappointed.

I glazed my cat today and decided against using a pink glaze. I saw someone else’s mouse that had a very cool glaze and decided to use their idea but I added another colour to it. The coats I did were; 1 coat brown, 1 coat mango, and 1 coat ivory. I would like this to have a tabby cat effect.

Clay Part 3


The mouse came out of the kiln but lost an ear in the process… I glazed it yesterday and it is going on the kiln again but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture with the glaze so far. For glaze I did one layer light pink, one layer medium gray, and a third layer light pink. I hope this will create a cool textured effect with the grey showing through the pink layer. If it works out I may use this for my cat as well.

Clay Part 2

I finished sculpting my larger project after about 4 classes of work. It’s a cat and will eventually go into the biology room and sit by the fish tank there. Its roughly 7 inches in height. I decided not to do fur for this one or go into too much detail. I chose this because I wanted the basic forms to show through and I wanted the main focus of the project to be a colourful glaze and I feel as if it will be too busy if I have too many details along with bold colour (I’m thinking a pink/purple, maybe making it two toned/ombré if possible…). Once this is fired and glazed I will post it with my artist statement. Update on my mouse: it is fired and ready to be glazed and I will be testing out glazes for my cat.

Clay Part 1


Currently we are working with clay and making mice as a practice for a larger project where we create a sculpture that interacts with its surroundings. I just finished sculpting this mouse today and it has yet to be fired and glazed but I will post updates of the mouse and of my larger project as well. I struggled with the face and hands and feet because I haven’t spent much time observing or drawing mice before but I used some images from Google and my friends clay mice as reference. This is very small and took me about 2 classes to complete so I expect my larger sculpture (which is around 8 inches tall) to take a lot more time.