Printmaking Project Part 8 (Final)

This is my last printmaking post 🙂 I’ve decided to display my prints in a book format. They are numbered in the order they appear in the book. My favourite print is still the red background one with grey and white over.




Printmaking Project Part 4

I decided to skip embossing; I was originally planning to emboss and printmake, but due to a lack of time I am only doing printmaking now. I’ve started my first few basic prints that I can leave or print on top of and as well I printed a few basic backgrounds to print on top of next class.

After printing I realized some of my negative space wasn’t cut deep enough so I am going to go back in and cut it deeper to avoid to many lines between the bars.

I was planning to print with a bit of a colour scheme (colours that would normally be associated with a Dalmatian like black white and red or just darker tones) but I’m thinking I may try out more colours next class. Also for next class I’m going to try double printing on some of these prints but I’ll keep at least one basic black print (whatever one turns out best).

I’m really happy with how these prints look and I’m excited to do more of them next class.

Printmaking Project Part 1

Currently I am working on a printmaking project as well as a collage. For this project I took the original image of the dog looking out the gate, did a rough sketch to plan out my design, sketched it again on the linoleum piece and started to carve out (its unfinished currently). Carving so far has been very difficult and time consuming but I’m excited to be finished so I can start the actual printmaking processes.

Clay Part 5

My cat has been glazed and installed in the school. I really love the glaze. Although it’s not what I expected, its not too loud or too plain (in my opinion) and worked well with the structure of my cat. Having the darker colour as the base coat really helped because it got in all the contours and helps the eyes and other features stand out.

My artist statement, which was written from the point of view of the cat, is as follows:

Title: Biscuit the Bio Room Cat
By: Sophie

Hello! I am the latest addition to the bio room, Biscuit the bio room cat. You can find me sitting besides the fish tank, watching them swim around. If you see me in the bio room, come and say hi. I love meeting new people who share my love of fish.

Clay Part 3


The mouse came out of the kiln but lost an ear in the process… I glazed it yesterday and it is going on the kiln again but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture with the glaze so far. For glaze I did one layer light pink, one layer medium gray, and a third layer light pink. I hope this will create a cool textured effect with the grey showing through the pink layer. If it works out I may use this for my cat as well.

Clay Part 2

I finished sculpting my larger project after about 4 classes of work. It’s a cat and will eventually go into the biology room and sit by the fish tank there. Its roughly 7 inches in height. I decided not to do fur for this one or go into too much detail. I chose this because I wanted the basic forms to show through and I wanted the main focus of the project to be a colourful glaze and I feel as if it will be too busy if I have too many details along with bold colour (I’m thinking a pink/purple, maybe making it two toned/ombré if possible…). Once this is fired and glazed I will post it with my artist statement. Update on my mouse: it is fired and ready to be glazed and I will be testing out glazes for my cat.