This piece took me about a week of staring and wondering what I needed to add/fix to finally finish it today. With my new markers I actually have the ability to draw people with a variety of skin tones so this was a fun challenge to undergo. I feel this piece was successful despite taking forever.


Destiny-Copic Marker

I bought some more markers halfway through completing this one so I was able to get a lot more contrast in the face than I could with the previous one. I think what I need to work on now is getting more contrast/definition in the hair. I’m really happy with how this turned out because it looks way more realistic than the previous one. I’m going to continue working on portraits with alcohol-based markers since I now have the colours to create pieces with more depth.

Trinity- Copic Marker

This is my first finished piece of the summer. It took me about an hour to complete. I focused mainly on developing the face rather than the whole image to leave the face as the focal point. For this I also decided to use a pen for outlines/details instead of a darker colour but I’m unsure if I will do this for my next one (I’m doing another portrait like this). I’m happy with how this turned out.

Copic-Liza Nugumanova


I did this copic over a couple of days. I didn’t sketch it out in pencil much before like I normally do for copics but instead I used a light grey copic marker to draw outlines and added colour after that. I used a black copic marker to do outlines instead of a fine liner and I think I like this effect better since it’s easier to make it more natural and less smudgy. I’m really proud of how this turned out, especially how I got the ombré effect of the dress and the face and skin tones as well.

Crescent Beach


One of my goals this term is to work on scenery so I decided to try drawing a scenery using copic markers. This is my first time trying it and I have to say it was very difficult with the limited amount of copic markers I have and I had to use a black sharpie for the large black parts. I love the sky and think it was very successful but I think I need to spend a bit more time developing my water drawing skills with copics and also practicing properly scaling/drawing freehand figures (or I should have penciled beforehand  it in the first place).


These are some flowers I drew. The first two (yellow and pink flowers) I drew at the beginning of the month. I focused on using the pen to shade and used light colours. The red/orange flower I drew today and focused on using bright colour and only pen to line the petals. To create shadows I used purple marker over top of the red. I really like how the colour turned out in the last one. I more recently did the purple one and tried to do the middle of the flower with more detail than i did the sunflower (that was more randomly done). It was originally drawn upside down from how it is shown but I decided that composition wise it worked better the way it is now.



I did this drawing of a girl (that I am going to send to her). I went with a more cartoony look by making the eyes large, the colours flatter, and by using less of the pen to shade. I used a silver pen for the tiara and earring so when you see it in person they are shiny.

I’m really happy with how this turned out and I’m working on more copic drawings in this style now.



This was another quick copic I did of my newest family member. I was trying to focus on face drawing techniques. I think the eyebrows, eyes, and nose were very successful but I would like to work more on the face shape, mouth, ears, and hair. I think I captured the light on her face very successfully as well. I haven’t drawn babies this little since my other cousins were this small (and I was not as good at art as I am now) so this was a bit of a challenge.

Clarissa 2


For this copic drawing I tried a new technique since I was tired of my pen smudging. I drew everything in copic first and saved pen for last (usually I do pen first and add copic around it). This was more challenging though because I always have pencil lines to trace with pen but by the time I used pen I had no guiding lines to help. Since the nose wasn’t looking enough likes the girls nose I referenced back to the last copic I did of her and tried using some of the pen strokes from that (but it turned out to have to much pen around the nose….). This isn’t my favourite of my copics but it was more of an experiment.

I decided that after this copic I will go back to trying manga to remind myself of the basic copic techniques. Also I have to get a new light nude coloured marker since mine is drying up…



This is a copic drawing I did of a friend of mine (when she was younger). I drew this several weeks ago after not working with copic for a while. I think it turned out pretty good although the black fine liner I used smudged in some places. i think i was successful in capturing the playful emotion in this picture and it makes me quite happy to look at.