Printmaking Project Part 8 (Final)

This is my last printmaking post 🙂 I’ve decided to display my prints in a book format. They are numbered in the order they appear in the book. My favourite print is still the red background one with grey and white over.




Printmaking Project Part 5



These are some of my favourite prints from today. For my final project I need to pick 10 of my favourite prints and so far I have a solid black, the black and white one at the very top, the bottom gold one, (possibly) the grey and black one, and (possibly) the red, white, and black one. I really liked the effect of the white on top of the black. For next class I am going to print overtop of the red background one with either black or white. I also have prepared several grey backgrounds for next class to print in black over. I have several gold ones as well that didn’t turn out as well that I plan to print over. My favourite so far is the first black and white dog. I’m insanely happy about how well the spots turned out on the stamp and I love how crisp the lines are on this print.

Printmaking Project Part 4

I decided to skip embossing; I was originally planning to emboss and printmake, but due to a lack of time I am only doing printmaking now. I’ve started my first few basic prints that I can leave or print on top of and as well I printed a few basic backgrounds to print on top of next class.

After printing I realized some of my negative space wasn’t cut deep enough so I am going to go back in and cut it deeper to avoid to many lines between the bars.

I was planning to print with a bit of a colour scheme (colours that would normally be associated with a Dalmatian like black white and red or just darker tones) but I’m thinking I may try out more colours next class. Also for next class I’m going to try double printing on some of these prints but I’ll keep at least one basic black print (whatever one turns out best).

I’m really happy with how these prints look and I’m excited to do more of them next class.

Printmaking Project Part 3

I’m done carving (at least until I do my first print and see how it turns out). I really love my design and detail but I’m worried that it may not show up. I should have my first few prints completed in the next few days though and will post them as I make them. I’ve tried breaking up the solid wall at the bottom and I think this is something I will continue to work on as I print.

Printmaking Project Part 1

Currently I am working on a printmaking project as well as a collage. For this project I took the original image of the dog looking out the gate, did a rough sketch to plan out my design, sketched it again on the linoleum piece and started to carve out (its unfinished currently). Carving so far has been very difficult and time consuming but I’m excited to be finished so I can start the actual printmaking processes.